I work with businesses to create exciting wine lists with localised wine descriptions.

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I am dedicated to helping you explore and enjoy the world of wine. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just starting to discover the joys of wine, these services are designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.


Every business has specific knowledge needs. I deliver bespoke training modules for hotel and restaurant front-line staff. The tailor-made courses aim to empower and upskill staff so they can deliver excellent service with confidence. The training modules are of varying duration and depth and can be delivered at your preferred location.


Whether you are based in the City, Bush or at the Coast, there are infinite ways to make your business standout with the right services.



I believe that “A little knowledge will enhance the pleasure we get from drinking wine!”.

Food & Wine Pairing
  • I help clients expertly pairing food dishes with wines to enhance the dining experience. As a professional sommelier, I often collaborate with wine stewards in hotels and restaurants to provide informed pairing recommendations for guests, ensuring a truly memorable dining experience.
Tutored Wine Tastings
  • I specialize in creating personalized wine tasting experiences for corporate clients, using it as a tool for team building, incentives and to boost employee morale. I organize and host these fun and informal programs, which can also include a gourmet dinner to enhance the experience. Additionally, I also offer tutored tastings for consumer groups, on behalf of producers, importers and retailers of wine, to educate and enhance their knowledge and appreciation of wine.
Hosting Private Events & Celebrations
  • I host private individual and group events such as birthdays, stag parties, and wedding celebrations. This allows you and your friends and colleagues to enjoy and learn about wines at your leisure.

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Enjoy bespoke wine services.