Advancing the wine culture in Kenya

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With over a decades’ experience in the wine trade. My mission is to elevate the level of wine knowledge and appreciation in Kenya and promote responsible consumption of wine.  The unique combination of global expertise and extensive local knowledge allows me expertise in the wine business of of wine.


Beyond simply sampling a few bottles and providing information about flavours, my focus is on inspiring, enthusing, stimulating interest and most importantly, assisting sellers and buyers of wines past the latest prices or ratings.

Advancing the wine culture in Kenya & Africa

Traditions have generally supported wine with food. I am on the forefront of a culture change; more wine than beer! The idea is to educate individuals in frontline service to deliver a great service, improving the customer service and enhancing the customers experience.

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Experience the finesse of wine with a sommelier's guidance

Join me on a journey of discovering new, unusual and exciting wines that perfectly complement your occasions.

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